Jerome Williams

I work in the Finance sector as a Data Administrator.

I took this course last November, and I was really interested in improving my study method as I intended to acquire some professional qualifications in the near future.

During the 3-day course, the memory techniques were of particular interest to me. It was good to learn about how we use our brains to store memories and the factors that can help to improve our memory.

After learning the techniques, everyone at the seminar took a memory recall test of 20 pairs of unrelated items. I felt I could recall some of these items but I was surprised that I actually achieved a 100% recall rate. I was impressed by this as I had only been practicing the techniques for a short period of time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was impressed as everyone at the seminar scored a 100% recall rate also!
Now I am applying a lot the mind maps technique which allowed me to prepare very well for very important interviews I had!
I was learning 30 words every day in French for one month being able to spend only few minutes per day.
The speed reading part was excellent and was impressive how fast I was able to double the speed of my reading. 

With the tools I picked up from this course, I’m looking forward to enjoyably studying towards acquiring professional qualifications as well as   learning new languages and enhancing my general knowledge.

The instructors and collaborators massively contributed to making the course such a good experience. I send my thanks to them and I hope they continue to help improve the abilities of more people as they did mine.

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