James Goodwin

I work at London Stock Exchange Group, working in their Global Business Development team.
My main reasons for signing up to the course were to learn languages (French and Spanish) and memorising names for when I meet new people at networking events or other social occasions. 

Results Achieved: Am now fluent (B2 level) in French and aim to be C1 standard by the end of the year before then turning my attention to Spanish. 
I can now easily memorise names and commit them to long term memory, which is so useful with the amount of people I meet in my job. 

Additionally I have really benefited from speed reading and last year I managed to read 52 books (a book a week) whilst still having the time to pursue other interests.

I feel now that I have overcome a number of self-limiting beliefs in terms of what I can achieve and this has really given me the confidence to go into any new situation with the knowledge that I can learn and retain information quickly. 
Similarly, tasks that seemed daunting in the past like learning languages are now fun goals to pursue and I’m excited about what the future will bring.

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