Dyviana Desai

I am currently taking a gap year before law school and working as an administrative assistant at a hospitality company. I heard about the course from a few of my friends and I was interested to see how it could help me. So, I took the course intending to increase my reading speed while still maintaining my comprehension.

After taking the course, I set a goal to read my Business Lawbook for an hour a day every day for two weeks, and by the end of the two weeks, I had read an extra 300 pages, which is 10 chapters. I found that I increased my reading speed by almost 3.5 times since starting the course. I also realized that instead of maintaining comprehension, I increased my comprehension and retained the information that I read longer than I thought possible.

I was not expecting to see these results just a month and a half after taking the course. I am currently using the techniques to learn to speak Spanish and study for the Law School Admissions Test. Before the course, I would not have tried to learn a language at the same time as studying for a major test, but I find that it is possible because I only need thirty minutes a day to learn 50 new Spanish words.

I highly recommend taking the Genius in 21 days course because the techniques that they teach are universal and can be applied to things from menial tasks such as grocery shopping to work/ school projects. The course not only taught me to be more efficient when I am studying or working, but it has also made me rethink the learning process, which before the course, I was not very fond of.

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