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Languages, Boxers and Apples

Most people, at a certain point in their life, decide to learn a second language. In non-English-speaking countries, this is basically a must. English is

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What can IKEA teach you about languages?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O4aTNcD0wE Better said, what can your approach to IKEA’s instruction manuals teach you about how you should approach studying a language? Generalising (and exaggerating) a

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Study Environment

Have you ever felt you had to study but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it? Maybe you were sitting at your desk, ready to

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Importance of a Mentor

I have often wondered: What are the four essential principles needed in order to excel at any new skill? I have found that there are

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Begin Your Genius Journey

Learn more how you can transform your learning ability

Nathan Gonsalves-Williams
(Financial Consultant)

I started the course with a great deal of doubt, and this is probably one of the greatest things I learned from the course. That doubt was one of the main things holding me back. The course is an amazing eye-opener to the sheer volume of information you can learn and is also a demonstration to how easy it is for you and everyone else, by what you learn to do over the first weekend. After the course my reading speed increased by 4 times, I am now able to communicate in Spanish and I am using mind maps to prepare a quite difficult exam. I now know that I can learn a language quickly, increase my reading speed and have valuable techniques for exams and memory, all it takes now is consistency and practice which is really the true challenge.