To decide quickly, or not to decide quickly…

To decide quickly, or not to decide quickly… That is the question – the question that, unfortunately, not many people ask themselves.  What we mean by that is, normally, people have a specific strategy when making decisions and they stick by it, quite unconsciously. On the other side, most courses, webinars and seminars on decision […]

Languages, Boxers and Apples

Most people, at a certain point in their life, decide to learn a second language. In non-English-speaking countries, this is basically a must. English is the lingua franca to be able to communicate outside of one’s own country: you must learn it.  Nonetheless, also as an English-speaker, knowing an extra language can be an advantage […]

Build (and survive) a strategic team

Why do you need to build a strategic team? Whether you are the CEO, a manager or even the new guy, starting to think of your team under a strategic lens will help to increase your own and your team’s effectiveness and efficacy. Be it to build a competitive advantage, to answer a research question […]

Which one will bring you to excellence: talent or knowledge?

Many think that excellence is mostly a matter of talent, but the world is full of examples of not particularly talented individuals that achieved excellence through knowledge.So which one is it better to have? As usual, the first, immediate answer is “It depends”. So, Talent or Knowledge? A function of excellence Even though mathematics scares […]

A theory of mental government and the self

If you read our latest articles, you may understand that there is not one single method that fits everybody’s learning profile and needs. Global and Analytical learners need different approaches to studying, as do Intuitive and Systematic learners. Actually, each combination of characteristics needs a personalised and tailored method. In this video, Giulia, Instructor and […]

What can IKEA teach you about languages? Better said, what can your approach to IKEA’s instruction manuals teach you about how you should approach studying a language? Generalising (and exaggerating) a bit, there are two kinds of people when it comes to putting together a piece of furniture from IKEA:  those who start combining pieces without even realising that the leaflet […]

Are you more like an eagle or like a mouse?

Most people will, at first, choose the eagle: king of the sky; proud; symbol of strength and speed; metaphor of power since the time of the Romans. On the other side, mice are recognised for being extremely resistant and adaptive, and can be very cute and friendly. But what do they have to do with […]

Learning a language through books. Does it work?

In any language course, as well as in other kinds of experiences you might go through to learn a language, reading plays a fundamental role. This also reflects on language exams, where written comprehension goes hand in hand with listening comprehension. Even if you are an autodidact and learn a language independently, tackling different types […]

Is your attention span longer than that of a goldfish?

You might have heard or read about the stats on memory span getting shorter in humans. In their articles on the topic, The New York Times, Time Magazine and the Telegraph all referred to a study conducted by Microsoft Canada, to better understand how to grab customers’ attention. Apparently the average attention span of human […]