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A theory of mental government and the self

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If you read our latest articles, you may understand that there is not one single method that fits everybody’s learning profile and needs.

Global and Analytical learners need different approaches to studying, as do Intuitive and Systematic learners. Actually, each combination of characteristics needs a personalised and tailored method.

In this video, Giulia, Instructor and MD of Genius in 21 Days UK, will tell you more about Sternberg’s theory of mental self-government and how important it is to apply in order to better plan your learning method and sessions.

Would you ever put a monotasker, in charge of a big team that pursues many goals at the same time and requires a leader to understand and manage all the different facets of the job?

How about putting a born multitasker – one of those people that are always reading five books at a time, trying new sports and hobbies – in charge of one long, fully absorbing project, that requires all of their focus?

And would you put a free spirit – a person that always goes with the flow and adapts to situations on the spot – in a very structured team, with defined roles, deadlines and periodic performance evaluations?

You are most probably shaking your head and thinking something like: “Of course, I wouldn’t. Who would, if they want to be efficient and get something done?”.

But, wait… If you wouldn’t do it on the job, why would you be OK with it when talking about your efficiency and your effectiveness when studying?

According to Sternberg’s mental self-government theory, every person can be a Monarchic, Hierarchic, Oligarchic or Anarchic learner – or, and this is normally the case, a combination of them. Depending on your specific mix of characteristics, you should take a specific approach to learning. 

So, if there isn’t an approach that is better or more effective in general – a one-size-fits-all – how can you know where to start to structure your personal learning method?

Simple: get in touch! At Genius in 21 Days, we work with you to understand your cognitive profile, implement strategies to exploit it best, and help you to integrate the best of your cognitive styles into your approach.

Every style has strengths and weaknesses. So, the best, general strategy (to be calibrated according to your preferences, for maximum effectiveness) is to try mixing different styles.

Watch the video to find out more about the four self-government styles and to get some tips that can help you improve your learning method.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive more tips on how to excel at work, exams, and languages!

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Nathan Gonsalves-Williams
(Financial Consultant)

I started the course with a great deal of doubt, and this is probably one of the greatest things I learned from the course. That doubt was one of the main things holding me back. The course is an amazing eye-opener to the sheer volume of information you can learn and is also a demonstration to how easy it is for you and everyone else, by what you learn to do over the first weekend. After the course my reading speed increased by 4 times, I am now able to communicate in Spanish and I am using mind maps to prepare a quite difficult exam. I now know that I can learn a language quickly, increase my reading speed and have valuable techniques for exams and memory, all it takes now is consistency and practice which is really the true challenge.